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Melodic Malware Mayhem is Retro style Rhythm Game. The game is set inside the monitors of multiple different locals as you fight against evil Viruses.

Everything moves! All the elements in the game had to have some kind of movement, as if they were dancing in place, or moving across the screen. 



Prop Designer:   In our game, Melodic Malware Mayhem, I was tasked with making a variety of props to put in the background of the screen to distract the player. The design intention was to make props that blended into the background but were animated and interacted with Gameplay Mechanics.

Technical Animator:  I was tasked with programming the functionality of the Props to animate on hit. The game was a Rhythm game so I had to program the Props to animate when the player hits a note, and made a different animation depending on the accuracy of the note.

Software:   Maya  & Unity C#

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